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Preorder giveaway

as a thank you for preordering If I Tell You The Truth, send in your preorder receipt and get freebies and entries into draws for fabulous prizes

The If I Tell You The Truth zine includes:

  • never-before seen poems

  • the music playlist for the book

  • interviews with writing collaborators

  • personal essays by Jasmin

  • prose & poetry writing tips

  • creative writing prompts

  • a digital poster of Darsh Illustration's original drawing of IITYTT character Sahaara Kaur

Jasmin Head Left-01.png

Everyone who preorders

If I Tell You The Truth will receive an exclusive, never-before-seen digital magazine delivered straight to their inbox!

some lucky readers will also win additional giveaway prizes!


1 of 50 exclusive invites to an intimate book launch party on Zoom with Jasmin, hosted by @desibookaunty

Jasmin Kaur.jpg
Jasmin Head Right-01.png

Claiming your freebies and entering the giveaways is easy!


Just follow the instructions below.

1 of 5 giveaway boxes filled with lovely products from Anumation, Blume, Darsh Illustration and a signed copy of When You Ask Me Where I'm Going 

1. Preorder the book

Jasmin Head Left-01.png

You can order it from just about any bookstore in North America. Try an indie store or B&N, Indigo or Amazon.

2. fill out this form

Jasmin Head Right-01.png

Once I confirm that you've preordered, I'll email you the exclusive digital zine! The zine and Zoom party invite are open to readers worldwide. The giveaway boxes are open to North American readers.

if i win a book launch party invite...

I would prefer it to be on...
I would prefer the following time(s):

upload a copy of your preorder receipt

If you have a screenshot or picture of the receipt, use this button
If you have a PDF file of the receipt, use this button
By submitting this form, you confirm that you are aware of and agree to the following:
  1. I have double-checked that my email and mailing address are correct
  2. I have ordered a new copy of If I Tell You The Truth and have provided a receipt from a retailer lawfully selling brand new copies of the book
  3. My Proof of Purchase is a copy of a receipt, order confirmation, email and/or packing slip showing the retailer name, the date of the transaction and the purchase price and title of the book
  4. If I'm under 18, I have asked for permission from my parent or guardian to enter into this giveaway
  5. I know that the digital zine freebie and Zoom book launch party invite are open to readers worldwide, while the giveaway boxes are only available to North American readers
  6. I know that Jasmin will email me if I have won a book launch party invite or a giveaway box
  7. I know that the preorder giveaway closes on January 18th at 9 PM PST and I need to submit my receipt before that time
  8. I know that winning giveaway boxes will be mailed out on or before Tuesday, February 3rd
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