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Mexican Gothic.jpg


a moody, spooky novel filled with family secrets, suspense and betrayal

the proudest blue.jpg


a gorgeous picture book written by olympic gold medalist ibtihaj muhammed and s.k. ali about identity, family and being yourself


Hill House.jpg

a masterfully crafted romance novel exploring immigration, identity and the power of fate

@anumation draws beautiful, fantastical relatable south asian female characters that will brighten up your instagram feed

@sikhfamilycenter is a grassroots community-based org that helps create healthy, violence-free, equitable communities

@_kiranyy captures identity and emotion in the most heartfelt ways through her breathtaking photography and poetry

@jessrachelsharp is a self-care and mental health blogger who posts heartfelt words of encouragement that hit the spot whether things are bright or bleak

@erim is the founder of @byerim hair oil and disrupts the typical monotony of influencer culture with her candid, accessible approach to instagram

the haunting of hill house is, well, haunting and i loved the first season but i'm too terrified to watch the second!

@booklooksbyb is such a fun mua who shares makeup looks inspired by her favourite novels

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