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Workshop Intake

Whether you are already accepted into the workshop or are currently on the waiting list, please fill out this form in as much detail as possible to speed up your intake process. All workshop participants must complete this form by Saturday, November 7th.

I am available on...

Please note that this is a two-session workshop. If you can't make one of the days, it would be best if you waited for a future workshop so that this seat is available for someone who can attend both sessions. 

Tell me about your writing!

What are you hoping to get from the workshop? 

What do you need from Jasmin and your workshop peers to create a positive space for you?

Please carefully read the information below:
  1. All workshop participants will be asked to submit 3-4 poems for peer workshop review by end of day on Sunday, November 22nd.
  2. Please do not submit writing that is homophobic, xenophobic, racist or discriminatory.
  3. By participating in this workshop, you recognize that there may be poems submitted that do not reflect your world view, religious beliefs or personal values. As a respectful workshop participant, you are asked to not review work based on your personal values but on the merit of the creative writing itself.
  4. Jasmin aims to cultivate a warm, uplifting empowering workshop space that is safe for people of all identities. By participating in this workshop, you agree to be a respectful, supportive peer and guide fellow writers towards editorial growth in a sincere, constructive manner.
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