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GNA - Guru Nanak Aid - Final_edited_edit

Hey, friends! It's finally my birthday!


To celebrate, I'm teaming up with Guru Nanak Aid, a beautiful

UK-based charity dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance, education and the support of marginalized elders and families in Panjab.

What I love so much about Guru Nanak Aid is their dedication to centering Sikh elders in Panjab within their work. We know the impact of our care on the elders in our families, but what about those who are isolated and don't have a support system around them?

For me, community liberation begins with community support. That is why I'm beyond thrilled to offer each of you an original poem written just for you on beautiful cardstock material in exchange for a minimum £25 donation to Guru Nanak Aid. If you can donate even more,

I would be so appreciative. 💕 


Donate to
Guru Nanak Aid


customize your handwritten poem

The address of where you'd like me to send the poem, please. :)

Your info!

Just a heads up: You will need to submit your order at least 14 business days before your required delivery date. I will do my very, very best to get it to you on time, but there are no guarantees!

please attach proof of your Guru Nanak Aid donation

An email receipt or confirmation page screenshot works! Depending on the type of file you're uploading, click the correct button below. You only need to upload using ONE button. :)

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