February & March

Jasmin's Prompt:

sahaara (n)

support, shelter, refuge

who or what is your source of support? what does that support feel like? what does it mean to you?

respond to the prompt in poetry or prose.


Writer: Shivani

Instagram: @l0streader

Shivani is a second generation South Asian immigrant currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. Reading and writing has always been a form of escapism for her.


four walls surrounding me.


the childhood one where i lay

in the comforts of my dreams.

us khidakee se

the pounding rain would

soothe my fears.

un kitaabon main

characters were the friends

i held so dear.


lekin ab yahaan ek ajeeb se ehasaas

kyon ho raha hai?


vo ghar

slowly breaking beyond repair.

vo bistar

only creaks loudly

delivering nightmares.

un khidakiyon se

i see shadows and ghosts appear

aur vo kitaabon

no longer fill the loneliness

leaving me blinded in fear.


my bedroom was my duniya

but now i question

what could home be anymore?