Jasmin's Prompt:

Seeds buried. Roots grounded. Soil heavy with water.

What are you cultivating within?

Respond to the prompt in poetry or prose.


The Northern flicker sits
high in the green ash tree,
assessing the state of things,
her stillness all I need to know
of the season to come.


I set urgency aside,
leave foraging and
flitting behind.


I, too, have stored seeds,
tucked them safely away
in places etched deep in memory
I return to for sustenance.


With each winter,
I am learning what it is to be
my own insulation,
my own resting place,


learning what it is to trust
I have enough, I am enough
to abide this season
until it is time to blossom anew.


Writer: Elizabeth Domenech

Instagram: @esayres

Elizabeth Domenech is a writer, naturalist, and conservationist whose mission is to bring attention and empathy to the natural world and our place within it. Her work takes the form of poetry, essays, field notes, and memoir.